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WordPress: Free Theme vs Premium Theme vs Custom Theme

WordPress started way back in 2003. In the meantime, it has grown from a simple blogging platform to a widely popular user-friendly website builder. People today use it as the best content management system. The templated modular design and WYSIWYG builder are behind the simplicity of WordPress. WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what…

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UI/UX How to speed up your wordpress site

How to speed up your WordPress site

WordPress is probably the most popular Content Management System (CMS) out there to create a website or a blog. But WordPress can be slow to load with all the themes and plugins. The problem with that is that how fast your site is loading is a factor used in Google’s algorithm. And it makes sense.…

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UI/UX inspiration

Even though every designer develops his own unique style, everybody benefits from other’s experience when it comes to designing interface and user experience. If you are in need of some inspiration, here’s a list of a few sites to help you design your own site. UI Parade UI Interactions Smashing Magazine Codepen Patterns Call to…

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Why you NEED a mobile friendly website

It’s been years now that use of mobile devices has been increasing and increasing. Soon enough most people will browse the internet on their phone or tablet or even phablet. Consumer’s habits have changed let’s face it. They jump from one device to another. Apple understood that trend and let you start one task on…

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