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Why you NEED a mobile friendly website

It’s been years now that use of mobile devices has been increasing and increasing. Soon enough most people will browse the internet on their phone or tablet or even phablet. Consumer’s habits have changed let’s face it. They jump from one device to another. Apple understood that trend and let you start one task on…

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Facebook? Twitter? G+?

You probably heard that your business needed a Facebook page, or Twitter account, a Google Plus account, may be Instagram? Tumblr? May be you have one or the other, or both? Do you even know why you should have one of those? Do you know what to do with it? What’s the purpose? Ranking Signals…

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Why you should analyze your traffic

Imagine your site as being a store or even a restaurant. You need to fill empty shelves, control your stock, optimize your shelves to make sure a product is visible to your customers, etc. Analyze data from your visitors is a key information to learn how your visitors browse your site, if they find what…

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